Introducing the AED-2010V Virtual AE Instrument

AEC is pleased to introduce the newest version of its single channel desktop virtual acoustic emission instrument, the AED-2010V.  The AED-2010V is the successor to the AED-2000V, and represents a major upgrade to the capabilities of the previous instrument.  Communication with a Windows-based PC is now USB 2.0. The alarm, parametric and external hold functions have been incorporated into the base instrument, eliminating the need for a separate auxiliary module.  The AED-2010V is suitable for laboratory AE work, as well as online monitoring and production test applications. Both thresholded hits/counts mode and RMS modes are available for display and alarm selection. See the AED-2010V data sheet in the "Instruments" section of our website. 

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Introducing the AED-2010V Virtual AE Instrument 06/02/2011

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