AEC introduces the new AED-2010 portable AE instrument


Acoustic Emission Consulting, Inc. is pleased to announce it's newest handheld acoustic emission instrument design, the AED-2010. The new instrument replaces the very successful AED-2000, and continues in the tradition of simple operation combined with sophisticated signal processing and Windows software compatibility. The AED-2010 features similar capabilities to the AED-2000, with some noted improvements:

  • Slimmer, more compact design, and 1/3 less weight.
  • Lower power requirements--only one 9V battery vs two in previous design.
  • USB computer interface replaces the serial port interface in previous design.
  • External switches for gain, filter, and backlight are replaced with keypad controls.
  • Internal memory for data storage has been increased to 4000 points from 250 points.

The AED-2010 will be produced in a low frequency version, the AED-2010L, and a high frequency version, the AED-2010H. The most popular application for the AED-2010L will continue to be insect pest detection, while the AED-2010H is most suitable for partial discharge detection, leak detection, and machinery health monitoring applications, as well as conventional AE applications.Availability of the new AED-2010 is July 2009.

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