AEC Selected for Heartbeat of America TV production

AEC is pleased to announce that it has been selected to appear on the Heartbeat of America TV series entitled "Keeping America Strong". This series highlights US companies that are making a significant contribution to business innovation and security in America in the post- 9/11 world. AEC was selected because of its unique development of acoustic emission instrumentation for insect pest detection, and the manner in which this instrumentation is helping to transform the pest control industry. President John Rodgers will be interviewed during the 30-min program, and additional footage will be shown featuring Middleton Pest Control of Orlando, FL, which has developed a viable low-impact treatment strategy for drywood termites that utilizes the AED-2000 instrument. The celebrity host of the Heartbeat of America productions is William Shatner, and the interview is conducted by Doug Llewelyn (The Peoples Court). The show will air sometime in early 2005 on the cable-based Good Life Channel. The Heartbeat of America website can be viewed at

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