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News Update: AEC introduces new handheld AED-2010 portable acoustic emission instrument

Acoustic Emission Consulting, Inc. specializes in acoustic emission inspection services and testing, and acoustic emission instrumentation, sensors, and probes.
  • Our services specialty is acoustic emission monitoring of seam welded piping and high energy steam piping in fossil power plants. We can detect and locate:
    • high temperature creep
    • thermal fatigue cracking
    • dissimilar metal weld cracking
    • active crack propagation
  • Our extensive involvement with EPRI programs since 1989 has resulted in the most extensive database of test results in the industry.
  • Acoustic emission is also more sensitive, reliable, and cost effective than ultrasonic inspection for global scanning of power plant piping. Click on our inspection services website for more information.

Our instrumentation offerings are focused on portable hand held instrumentation, featuring the only instrument of its kind, the AED-2000. This flexible instrument is accompanied by a full range of probes for a variety of applications:

  • composite materials
  • geotechnical materials—concrete, rock, soil
  • metals---creep cracking, fatigue cracking, stress corrosion cracking, hydrogen embrittlement cracking, yielding, fracture and crack propagation
  • corrosion detection
  • cavitation in pumps, piping and turbines
  • leak detection
  • machinery health monitoring
  • hard drive head-disk contact
  • transformer partial discharge

We also have developed specialized probes for acoustic detection of insect pests in conjunction with the USDA, including:

  • termites (drywood, subterranean, Formosan)
  • insect pests in nursery pots (Black Vine Weevil)
  • wood boring insects (Asian Longhorned Beetle)
  • insect pests in stored grains (weevils)
  • destructive ants (fire ants, carpenter ants)